Steve Prentice Design uses SolidWorks computer aided design software (CAD). This is a 3 dimensional parametric solid modeler with a range of associated computer aided engineering functions (CAE) for motion and stress analysis.


We were one of the first to commit to SolidWorks when it arrived in UK in 1997. It was powerful, fast and very easy to use and SolidWorks has continued to develop as the finest CAD software available.


NT  Cadcam are our re-seller for SolidWorks, we have a very close working relationship with them as we are their longest standing customer.


SolidWorks ran a design contest for several years looking for great examples of use of the software. We won this competition in 1999 and again in 2001. SolidWorks 99 displayed images of our work on packaging and manuals.


In 2001 Steve Prentice Design were awarded SolidWorks Solution Partner status for CAD consulting services. This was in recognition of our leading edge use of SolidWorks CAD in complex casting and engine design. We were the first design studio in Europe invited to join the Solution Partner program. This program has since been discontinued.


As specialists in design of castings for rapid tooling manufacture we are helping companies to maximize the benefits of 3D CAD thus saving costs in design, in tooling and in accelerating product lead times.

If you are using SolidWorks we can help you with:

  • design consultancy

  • contract design

  • project management

  • specialist training

  • friendly advice

We regularly handle design projects outside the automotive industry involving:


  • styling studies

  • plastic moulding

  • machined parts

  • fabrication

  • reverse engineering

  • CAD data transfer

  • Legacy data conversion

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