Embassy Racing LeMans Prototype WF01



Embassy Racing were a new constructor to the LeMans Series, WF01 was their first prototype car to compete in the LMP2 class at LeMans 24 hour race in 2008.

Embassy Racing team principal Jonathan France had ambitious plans to enter a 2 car team for the 2008 LeMans European Series and to enter 1 car for the LeMans 24 hour race.


We started design work in April 2007. Chief engineer and aerodynamicist for the project was Peter Elleray, who had designed the 2006 Radical SR9 and the 2003 LeMans winning Bentley.



Steve Prentice Design were responsible for design of the engine installation (3,4 litre V8 Zytek) including:


  • Engine mountings
  • Bell housing
  • Clutch
  • Starter
  • Oil system
  • Coolant system
  • Intake system
  • Exhaust system


Thanks to our superior skills at 3D CAD modeling we were also asked to create CAD models for all the carbon fibre bodywork and chassis parts and create the whole car assembly on computer. All carbon fibre mould tooling was taken directly from our CAD data. We also produced photorendered publicity views like the one here.


There were delays at the final stages of manufacture of the two WF01 cars that meant the cars were not ready for pre-season testing.


WF01 cars went straight into the 2008 Series opening races at Barcelona, Monza and Spa and were immediately competitive, but failed to finish races with reliability issues and accident damage.


At LeMans 24 hour race in June 2008 the WF01 ran strongly in 4th place (P2 class) for many hours, but its run ended after 16 hours with an accident at the second chicane on the Mulsanne straight (see the Team's 24 hour report below). Embassy finished 3rd at LMS Silverstone 6 hour race but were later penalised back to 5th for a pitlane infringement.


In December 2008 Embassy Racing closed down with financial problems. In 2009 the team reformed as WFR and entered WF01 at Silverstone LMS race were it ran in 2nd position through the middle 2 hours of the race. A stop to repair an electrical fault dropped them back to 5th at the finish.


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