Transmissions Designs

Since 2005 Steve Prentice Design have worked in collaboration with RT Quaife Engineering and other leading motorsport transmission manufacturers on many different projects:


  • sequential 6, 7 and 8 speed road and racing gearboxes.

  • unconventional vehicle transmissions.

  • electric powered cars.

  • cars with hybrid electric/petrol/diesel engine combinations.


RT Quaife Engineering have produced all the transmission solutions for Radical Sportscars since 1997. SPD helped to design the 7 speed transaxle for the Radical RXC (coupé) in 2010 and a host of other gearboxes since then.


Unconventional vehicle transmissions have included epicyclic gear systems running over 50,000rpm also water and air propeller drives.


Hybrid powered and electric car transmissions have had single speed or multi-speed gearboxes, differential or non-differential final drives, single or multiple electric motors, coupled with petrol or diesel engines in parallel or series drive configurations.



Most of these projects have been prototype technical demonstrator vehicles for major manufacturers.


One project has gone through into volume production. This was the breakthrough car that has made electric cars acceptable and fun to drive on the road, even over quite long distances.

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